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 Club House Rental Policy 

Our new rental policy has been updated and can be accessed by clicking the button below. 


Rental versus Usage

If you desire to have 15 (FIFTEEN) or more guests at any one time at the club, then you must rent the club. 

All club rentals are at the discretion of the BOD.  Note: This discretion factors other ongoing club events. Club rental is limited to club members only. 

So what is the difference between a rental and a “usage”?  A usage is free, however...If you plan on having 5 (FIVE) up to 14 (FOURTEEN) guests at the club at any one time, the BOD MUST be informed and the usage specifically APPROVED in advance, (usually one week at least in advance).  “Usages” are a privilege only granted to Members In Good Standing (MIGS), meaning members who have paid their dues in full. 

The “usage” purpose and logic is to ensure that any significant guest's foot prints on the club do NOT interfere with other club member's ability to use the club. 




Please contact a Board member if you any questions or comments.



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